Dancing Dollars London






*Find Dancing Dollars London at Portobello market Fridays & Saturday. Under the canopy at Portobello Green. She also sells at the most exclusive London vintage fairs. Please see The Market Cartel calender. 



Christine Kefeli is originally from La Rochelle, France but has resided in the UK for many years. She is a vetrin on Portobello with over 15 years selling on the market.  Her current passion involves re-styling/re-working vintage furs using antique textiles collected from around the world. Each piece is unique. Ranging from 19th century - 1970s cashmiri fabrics and Elvis prints. Her passion for textiles and traditional woolen blankets led her to develop a unique take on the classic coat. Her collection is constantly evoulving, and is inspired through many years of travel in special regions of the world, like Turkey, Syria, India, and Mexico.