Debbie Does Vintage...



*Find Debbie Does Vintage Mondays at Covent Garden in the Jubilee Market. Thursdays at Old Spitalfields Market, in the antiques bit. Debbie also sells at Londons most exclusive vintage fairs. Please see The Market Cartel calender. 

American born Debbie discovered her passion for vintage at the age of just 7 years old. Her father was a jewler, being around him all the time, she was engrained with knowledge and quiet the eye for great pieces. She studied in Italy and finally settled in London. For decades she has been on the markets by day and working nights in the Londons club scence. She has some great stories about the 80s and what went on at the most notorious places. This only inspired her passion of style and the ecletic. People don't dress like that any more she says. She has sold on Spitalfields and Covent Garden for the last 10 years. We think she is the queen of costume jewellery!