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Highly Desirable Objects has been trading in London for three years. Nicole has a rich and varied history she originally trained as a shoe designer then as a ceramicist so has always had her eye on art and design. Her love of vintage started from a very early age with the influences of a very stylish mother with a penchant for antiques and her father a poet who always encouraged her to look for the different and unique. Nicole is well known in the business as a purveyor of highly desirable handbags but is currently distracted with a passion for men's accessories. Nicole also works freelance as a costume buyer for theatre and opera. 


Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair-6/7 Fairs a year

Frock Me-6/7 Fairs a year

East London Vintage Fair-The second Sunday of every month

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair (London)-4/5 Fairs a year

Judy's Furniture and Flea (London)-4/5 Fairs a year