We are very excited to announce the launch of The Market Cartel shop opening in Hackney, London on October 23rd. The shop is a continuation of the vintage collective concept, however it is not your traditional mom and pop shop. We showcase several selected traders at a time, collaborating with the trader and handpicking the perfect vintage items to display in the shop, stocking menswear, womenswear and accessories, alongside a collection of unique furniture and home decor.

The Market Cartel keeps the vintage market tradition alive, but it is also a curated, visual space that encourages creativity and art, working with and showcasing work from photographers, artists, fashion creatives and more. Our first photographer we are displaying is none other than the iconic Philip Townsend, with original prints of his Sixties photography for purchase on our walls.

Philip's work captured Sixties life in London in a raw, iconic way. Check out some of his work below, including images of Twiggy, The Rolling Stones, and even Portobello Market!

TMC xxx

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