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Unit B 112 Priory Road, London


*Find Somebody & Sons on Portobello Market Fridays. Under the canopy at Portobello Green. 


We’ve been dedicated lovers of all things old and well made for most of our lives. Driving this insatiable appetite has been the movies we watched, the bands we've listened to, our idols and icons, the people we’ve known and the places we’ve been. Their attention to detail has become our obsession, this has become our passion and it’s this which is the driving force behind Somebody & Sons.


Over the years we’ve been all over the world seeking out those things that make us tick. In that time we’ve acquired and seen some amazing things, some have been saved, some have been traded for other amazing things and some like the ones here, have been sold to make way for more. All of our stuff is individually sourced from dealers we’ve met and the places we’ve found over the years. We don’t buy anything that we wouldn’t wear ourselves, this stuff is personal and if it doesn’t give us that kick then it ain’t worth it.